Orange County, CA String Instrument Lessons & Classes

String Instrument Lessons and Classes

String instruments are musical instruments that produce sound from vibrating strings when the performer plays or sounds the strings in some manner, usually with a bow.

Private Violin, Cello, and Viola Lessons

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Group Classes


Adult Beginning Guzheng

An introductory class for students who want to learn the basics of playing the Guzheng. The class covers how to read notations, basic rhythm, common playing techniques and fingering of both right and left hand. The end goal is to play two simple songs which contain many common techniques. The difficulties of the two songs are at level one of the Guzheng grade exam of The Central Conservatory of China. The course emphasis is on cultivating the student’s interests in music and helping them to build a solid foundation for future studies.

Sundays 1/12 – 6/7. 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM – Ages 18 & Up

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Adult Intermediate Guzheng

This course is a continuation of Beginning Guzheng. Students will continue to study advanced techniques, learn new songs as well as developing musicianship and self-expression through playing. Students may join this course if they know how to read the Jianpu notation, know all the names and position of the strings, and know basic plucking techniques.

Sundays 1/12 – 6/7. 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM – Ages 18 & Up

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Guzheng Ensemble

Students will be assigned to different parts in the ensemble according to their levels. The class will teach students to play music in a group setting.  Music taught to play here includes well-known traditional and popular songs as well as improvisations.  The class emphasizes on team-work, collaboration, creativity, fun and performance preparation. This class is for students who would like to play in a group, and students who would like to perform with our ensemble. Students may join this class if they have at least one year of playing experience, know how to read Jianpu Notation and know all the basic playing techniques.

Sundays 1/12 – 6/7. 3:15 PM – 4:30 PM – All Ages Welcome

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