Music & Dance Scholarships in Orange County, CA


Creating Opportunities for Music and Dance Students Throughout Orange County


OC Music & Dance was founded on the principle that every child should have access to an arts education regardless of their ability to afford it. Giving every child the opportunity to learn music and dance, no matter the financial circumstance, is our greatest joy.


OC Music & Dance Offers Two Types of Scholarships:


OCMD Scholarships

OCMD Scholarships are awarded based on an applicant’s financial need.


Named Scholarships

Named Scholarships consider financial need, but also take into account other criteria. These prestigious scholarships may require additional actions to be completed by the applicant.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age requirements for scholarships? Can adult students receive scholarships?

All scholarships are awarded to students under age 18. Students who turn 18 during their high school school year may continue the scholarship through the completion of the OCMD semester they are currently enrolled in or through the end of their senior year, whichever is longer.

For what length of time is a scholarship awarded?

All scholarships awarded are for the current academic year (September through August).

Can students receive scholarships for private lessons?

Yes! Scholarships for private lessons may be awarded for up to 90% of the private lesson tuition price, for up to one hour of lessons per week, but at no less than $4.00 per lesson.

Can students receive scholarships for group classes?

Scholarships for group classes may be awarded for up to 50% of the group class tuition price, for up to one class per week, but at no less than $5.00 per class.

Can students receive private lesson scholarships and group class scholarships at the same time?

OCMD does not provide simultaneous scholarships for private lessons and group classes, unless in the case of an enrichment class where the student was invited by their instructor to participate.

What are Enrichment Classes? Are they a part of the OC Music and Dance Scholarship Program?

Enrichment classes, like Music Skills Class, Ensemble Class, and Performance Class, are classes for students who are already enrolled in a regular private lesson or group class (not necessarily at OCMD). These classes exist to enhance the student’s abilities. Students may join these classes at the discretion of the class’ instructor. Students enrolled in one or more enrichment classes may receive a scholarship of up to 50% for those classes (in addition to the scholarship listed above) but at no less than $5 per class.

How to Apply for an OC Music & Dance Scholarship

  1. Click the link above to complete your scholarship application online. You may also fill out an application in person at OC Music & Dance: 17620 Fitch Ave, Suite 106, Costa Mesa, CA 92614
  2. All scholarships require the completion of the appropriate scholarship application. Named Scholarship applications may have additional requirements.
  3. All Scholarship Applications require the submittal of the first page of the most recent Federal Income Tax Return (Form 1040) or similar government documentation showing gross income and number in the household. Please be sure to black out all sensitive/confidential information.
  4. A member of our staff will reach out to you via e-mail or telephone to inform you of the scholarship application status once you have been approved.
  5. If the family does not feel they can pay the amount determined by the family’s income, they may appeal the decision. The appeal will involve a meeting with the Chief Executive Officer or the Scholarship Program Officer where the family can explain any other circumstances which apply to their need for a scholarship.
  6. Recipients must renew their scholarship at the beginning of each school year (July/August) by reapplying and submitting their previous year’s tax summary.

Terms and Conditions

The terms, conditions, and amounts of the scholarship are confidential, and will not be disclosed to non-school personnel. Recipients should also keep this information confidential.

OCMD reserves the right to reassess and change the scholarship policy and scholarship award amounts at any time. Should your scholarship be affected, you will be notified before the next billing period.

Students may forfeit their scholarship due to excessive tardies, no shows, unexcused absences, or cancellations made within 24 hours of scheduled lessons or classes, as required by student policies, as well as for frequent missed tuition payment. OCMD considers 2 unexcused absences excessive for a 12-week group class and 4 unexcused absences excessive for 17-week private lessons and group classes. For more information on absences, please review the OCMD Student Policies.

Lessons received prior to the award of the scholarship are charged at the full tuition rate.

As a part of the scholarship program, you will be contacted by a Stewardship Manager to share opportunities to participate in our stewardship program with you.