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Voice Lessons and Vocal Coaching for Irvine and Orange County

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At OC Music and Dance, we are dedicated to providing affordable, high quality voice lessons and vocal coaching for Orange County music students.  Whether you want to learn to sing the classics, the latest pop song, or prepare for your next musical theater audition, our experienced voice teachers can help you develop a strong foundation for success in performance.  Students benefit from personalized, one-on-one instruction in a safe and nurturing environment. where they learn not only proper vocal technique, but are continually encouraged to grow in confidence, individuality, and self-expression.


Professional Instruction in Classical, Pop, Jazz, Musical Theater, and More

Our vocal instructors have extensive professional backgrounds working in the music industry, and many of them are still actively working in Hollywood, the LA music scene, Disney Resorts, choral groups, musical theater, and Orange County schools. They are caring, experienced teachers who are dedicated to helping every student realize their full potential and achieve their dreams.

For prices, please visit our Tuition Rates page.  Financial assistance is available for those who qualify.


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Experienced Classical Voice Coaches in Irvine

Classical Voice

‘Classical singing’ implies the convergence of a number of European singing traditions geared toward creating a big vocal tone with maximum natural resonance and without amplification.

Classes and Lessons

Learn Jazz Singing From Professionals

Jazz Singing

Jazz singing emerged in America in the early twentieth century along with the development of jazz music and dance. The roots of jazz music can be found in field hollers and ceremonial chants.

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Learn How to Sing Pop Music

Pop Vocal Training

Pop music is always evolving and aims to appeal to a general audience, and can be more familiar and accessible than other styles of music.  Our voice teachers place an emphasis on craftsmanship, presentation, and personal expression.

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Best Vocal Coaches for Musical Theater Singing

Musical Theater Singing

Musical theater singing is the voice style most used in musical theater performances. There are four main types of Musical Theater singing today; Legit, Traditional (Belt), Contemporary and Pop/Rock.

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Voice Lessons in Irvine for Young Children

Singing Lessons for Young Children

Singing encourages a child to express their emotions and sharpens their ability to communicate. We teach children how to properly develop and use their voice. Singing has multiple benefits for children, including personal expression, communication skills, memory skills, and exercising lip and tongue movement.

Classes and Lessons

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