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Seeking Music Coaches for Operation Gig and Project Beat

Orange County Music and Dance (“OCMD”) welcomes your interest in serving as a coach in
Operation Gig and/or Project Beat, our two special programs for veterans and law enforcement officers.

Operation Gig is a program of music, healing and community for veterans and their families.

Project Beat is a similar program designed for law enforcement officers and their families.


How the Programs Work

We will be organizing and supporting multiple ensembles of four to ten musicians, consisting of mixed instrumentalists and vocalists with similar levels of skills, interests, and availability. OCMD has committed to providing professional music coaches for each band, instruments and equipment if needed, facilities for each band to practice, and will be serving as host for a final concert (Operation Gig), and Battle of the Bands (Project Beat).


Program Goals

Over the past year our veterans and law enforcement officers (LEOs) have suffered a disproportionate level of stress, and have faced increased physical and emotional risks. At OCMD, we believe that music decreases anxiety and agitation, reduces depression, and provides a safe emotional release. It takes us to another place where external pressures are relieved, our minds become clear, and our bodies relax.

We will consider our programs successful if participants have a great time, enjoy playing and  performing, build new friendship and community, and feel better about themselves and others.


Program Locations

Our school is located at 17620 Fitch Ave Ste. 160 in Irvine, CA.  While some rehearsals will take place at the school, many of the rehearsals will occur at the Great Park in Irvine and other venues throughout Orange County. We are grateful that Five Point Communities, the owner of Great Park, has offered to host rehearsals and provide multiple venues for us. Until conditions change, all the venues will be outdoors under canopies, which will include power and lighting.


Role and Responsibilities of the Coach

Music coaches will be instrumental in enhancing individual and group music skills and performance experience.  Specific responsibilities include:

• Assistance in repertoire selection
• Feedback on technical music skills
• Helping the ensemble/band with timing and blending
• Mastery of the repertoire
• Rehearsing your assigned band for its public performance
• Community building


Time Commitment

Each rehearsal is 90 minutes. We ask that you provide 60 minutes per rehearsal per week, as well as  some additional time spent communicating with band members, your band’s volunteer liaison, and OCMD.


Employment Status and Compensation

Music coaches will be hired as part-time, hourly, non-exempt employees, and will be provided with OCMD’s standard employment contract.  Compensation is as follows:

• $60 per rehearsal/concert hour
• $40 per coaching hour
• $20 per administrative hour


Background Checks

All OCMD employees are required to undergo a background check through Live Scan fingerprinting. Upon execution of your employment agreement, we will provide you the information needed to  complete this process.


Qualifications and Expectations

As a coach, we expect you to offer:

A cheerful and positive demeanor. Coaches should have a genuine liking for people and treat others in a respectful and supportive manner.

Reliability. Coaches should be devoted to their work, punctual, and attend all scheduled rehearsals.

Constructive communication. Coaches should listen attentively and share openly and willingly.

• High integrity. A Coach’s integrity reflects on OCMD and its core values, and on the meaning and
purpose of this program.  OCMD requires strict adherence to Employee Policies, a copy of which will be provided to you.


Apply to be a Coach

If you are interested in serving as a coach to either a veterans band (Operation Gig) or law enforcement officers’ band (Project Beat), please complete the following form and click submit. For questions please email

  • Please provide a short statement of your musical background, experience and training.
  • Which program are you interested in serving as a coach?
  • What type of music do you want to play and perform with your band? Check as many as you like.
  • Please tell us your availability for rehearsals. Check as many as you like.