When you are raising a toddler, the time goes by FAST

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It seems like every day they are growing more and more, making you wonder – where did my baby go?!

Knowing that soon your little one will start school and other activities, moments spent together become even more precious.

Did you know that making music, singing, and dancing with your child is a great way to bond with your child?

According to a report released by Carnegie Hall, Why Making Music Matters: Singing, Playing, Moving, and Sharing in the Early Years, “Music also builds intimacy. Young children build some of the most important relationships in their lives as infants and toddlers. If they are lucky enough to have caring and responsible caregivers, they develop a sense of security, the feeling that they will be followed, cared for, and protected, even as they explore new activities, take risks, make mistakes, and recover. Music can support these intimate exchanges. For example, when caregivers sing lullabies, they use pitch, rhythm, and lyrics to soothe, teach language, communicate hope and affection, and provide security as a child goes from wakefulness to sleep.”


You are your child’s most important role model, so your enthusiastic participation is the best way to encourage your little star to shine!


Now if you’re thinking, “That’s great for someone like Beyonce, but I have a terrible singing voice and no sense of rhythm,” – guess what?

Being a great singer or not doesn’t really matter. “If you are reluctant to sing because you think you sing off key, you may be missing out on an especially loving experience with your child,” says Alice Sterling Hong, Professor Emerita of Early Childhood at Syracuse University.  “Children love music, and they especially love simple songs sung to them by their special folks — you! (Remember that young children do not expect their parents to be able to successfully audition for the Metropolitan Opera House.)”

In fact, Professor Hong reminds us, “singing is a wonderful way in which to increase the loving, intimate feelings between you and your child. Singing can also be used to soothe your child when he’s unhappy, create a bedtime ritual, or entertain him on a rainy day. These should be reasons enough to sing out! Remember that the only ‘critic’ in the room will be you.” 

There are plenty of ways to incorporate some musical bonding time with your little one into your day:

– You could sing along to their favorite song in the car

– Have a dance party at home

– Take a class together


Starting this April, OC Music & Dance will offer music and dance classes for parents and their little stars! Our “Little Stars” Early Childhood Program offers the opportunity for parents and children to bond through music and movement while preparing our very young students for a lifetime of learning.

To learn more or to enroll in our Early Childhood Music and Dance Program, click the link below!

Little Stars Classes


No matter how you decide to make music and dance happen with your kiddo, we hope that you always cherish those special moments with your little star!


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