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Brass players use their breath to produce sound by buzzing their lips against a metal cup-shaped mouthpiece. The mouthpiece helps to amplify the buzzing of the lips, which creates the sound.

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Brass Instrument Group Classes

Jazz 360

This course is designed for high school age musicians who are interested, but not quite ready to perform, in the school jazz ensembles. Our program will provide semester long course in improvisation, plus small combo experience, repertoire immersion and performance training. The core program consists of two hours weekly for 16 weeks, starting Saturday, February 9 through Saturday, June 1st, with a performance on June 8th, timing to be determined. There will be no class on 4/6/19 for spring break.One hour will be devoted to an all-instrument improvisation class. All students enrolled in the program are required to take this course unless the student is already taking a similar course privately or in school. Proof of enrollment in a similar course offsite may be required. The second hour, either before or after the improvisation class, is a small combo ensemble, consisting of a maximum of six musicians and instruments appropriate for the genre. We will offer up to four combos during the Spring semester. Each combo will have two coaches, each of whom will alternate through the summer to provide broader perspectives and techniques. Entrance into Jazz 360 is by application only. Please submit your application here. A letter of recommendation from the school or private instructor is recommended. Students without a letter of recommendation may require an audition. Selection will be based on the student's ability, instrument, availability, and program capacity.For more information about our Jazz 360 program, please access the FAQ's here.


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