Jazz 360° Classes

This 17-week program includes classes in performance, repertoire, small group combos and improvisation.  Adult and teen levels are both available.

Jazz 360 Improv & Combo Class:  Ages 13 – 18

Saturdays 2/1 – 5/30. 11:30AM – 1:30PM

This course is designed for high school age musicians who are interested, but not quite ready to perform, in the school jazz ensembles. Our program provides a semester long course in improvisation, plus small combo experience, repertoire immersion and performance training.

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Adult Jazz 360 Improv & Combo Class:  Ages 18 & Up

Saturdays 2/1 – 5/30. 12:30PM – 2:30PM

Perfect for experienced amateur musicians, music educators, and classically-trained musicians.  Gain vocabulary, techniques, and skill progression to help students learn better and faster, learn practical tips to accelerate your trajectory in jazz, and build your current repertoire and gain the tools and experience to successfully transition to jazz.

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