Music & Dance Enrichment Classes for Kids


Although one-on-one lessons may be the most important component of a curriculum, allowing the student to build fundamental skills, they are only one aspect of a well-rounded performing arts curriculum.

Enrichment Classes are seen as anything that builds on a musician’s or dancer’s skills, and can includes performance skills classes, instrument ensembles, music skills, and physical conditioning.

Orange County, CA Instrument Ensembles Classes & Lessons

Instrument Ensembles

The ability to play music with others is not only a rewarding experience, but also very helpful in the development of basic music skills. These ensemble experiences help foster meaningful relationships and create a sense of community with all those involved.

Classes and Lessons

Music & Dance Stage Performance Classes Orange County, CA

Performance Classes

Experience in a performance class helps students develop the confidence on stage that enables them to become compelling performers. The culmination of all aspects of musical study can be found in performance. It is in performance where students showcase their technical skill and communicate musical ideas through the medium of sound.

Classes and Lessons

Music Skills Classes for Kids Irvine, CA

Music Skills Classes

Learning the language of music: reading, writing and comprehension.  Music skills classes provide a comprehensive study of theory, ear training, sight reading and music history with an emphasis on performance.

Classes and Lessons

Pop Voice Lessons, Vocal Coaching & Songwriting Program

Pop Academy Music Classes

Everything you need to know to build a career in the music industry. This 16-week program includes classes in stage performance, song writing, recording studio tips and techniques and harmony and background vocals.

Classes and Lessons

Comprehensive Jazz Instrument & Singing Classes

Jazz 360° Classes

Learn to connect your instrument to you heart, head and hands through our comprehensive jazz program. Our jazz coaches are highly experienced music teachers and performing artists who will work closely with each combo strengthening proficiency, encouraging creativity and developing versatility.

Classes and Lessons

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