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Dear OCMD,

I’d like to thank you for all the support you have brought to us; thanks to this, we are able to take care of our loved ones. Whatever you do at OCMD causes an incredible butterfly effect in every single person you interact with. You have helped multiple families, including mine; due to this, my grandmother, who recently turned 90, and my mother-in-law are able to receive treatment that they need during this time.

I’d also like to thank you for the scholarship as my children are able to learn more about music and are given many opportunities to show their passion and talent.

For instance, my daughter was given the opportunity to perform at the Nixon library, twice, with the youth chamber orchestra; at the same time, this allowed her to express herself more and lose fear of playing in front of a crowd, which also boosted her self-esteem. This proves that the assistance you have given us brought many opportunities to help others and discover hidden talents in all of us; likewise, it proves that in this life, marvelous people like you exist and many can learn and follow your example to help those who are in need. Thank you for all the colossal work you have done for everyone.

With infinite love and gratitude,