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A Message from Tawny Chapman, OCMD’s New Chair of Dance

I am absolutely thrilled to be joining the team at OC Music & Dance! The passion and dedication of the school’s faculty and staff to making the arts accessible to everyone, combined with the unparalleled training and mentorship opportunities for students is inspiring to be a part of. 


Dance for All Ages & Abilities

We are excited to unveil new and improved dance programming!  Classes kicked off this September with our 12-Week Fall Quarter.  Along with the same professionally-sound training environment led by seasoned and caring faculty, our new tiered program provides opportunities for meaningful guidance, growth and development for each unique student. Students of all ages (18 months to adult) and abilities have a dance home at OCMD.  


For Our Littlest Stars – Ages 18 months to 7 Years

Our two introductory programs, Early Childhood “Little Stars” and Dance Discovery, are the perfect place to explore the basics, uncover the joy of movement, and prepare for further study. 


For Aspiring Young Dancers – Ages 7 – 18

For developing learners seeking to expand their skills and accelerate their growth, our Emerging Artist and Emerging Artist LITE tracks provide a guided curriculum path that includes 2-4+ weekly classes in styles specifically designed to develop a confident and well-rounded artist. 


For the College-Bound Dancer – Grades 6 – 12

This September also marked the launch of our Pre-College Dance Program, created in collaboration with Fairmont Schools.  Geared toward dancers in grades 6 through 12, this year-long training program provides a high-caliber training environment, guidance and support in college and career development, and a holistic dance education that promotes success and longevity. 


Flexible Training Options – Ages 7 – Adult

In addition to our training tracks, our open class program provides flexible enrollment options for new, recreational and adult dancers. Youth classes focus on developing foundational skills and instilling a passion for dance and movement, while adult classes focus on skill development, fitness, and community. 

Free Trial Classes for New Students

Not sure which option is best for you or your child?  Schedule a FREE trial class today!  It’s a great way to meet our teachers and experience for yourself the magic of dance at OCMD.  For questions, feel free to contact me directly at tawny@ocmusicdance.org.


Pick Your Favorite Style: Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern, & More

With more than 6 different styles and over 30 classes per week, we have something for every dance student at any level.  


Establish a strong technical foundation and learn to move with grace and control while studying ballet, a formal dance form with a rich history dating back to the 1600s.  Connect to the rhythm of the music and learn to turn and jump in jazz dance, derived and continually inspired by trends in popular and vernacular dance.   Move and groove in hip hop, which refers to street dance styles primarily that have evolved as a part of hip hop culture. Learn to move in new and unconventional ways while developing confidence in artistic decision-making in modern dance Flow and emote in contemporary/lyrical while fusing elements of ballet, modern and jazz.  Learn to train more efficiently and effectively while refining technique in our conditioning classes.


We offer free trial classes for new students!  Affordably-priced private lesson packages are also available in every style.


Looking Ahead

Here at OC Music & Dance, we are uniquely positioned to forge partnerships between musicians and dancers. As our dance program continues to develop and thrive, we look forward to providing opportunities for live accompaniment in dance classes, live performance collaborations, and cross-departmental courses such as Music for Dancers and Dance for Musicians.


It is my hope that our students will have a safe space to not only hone their dance technique, but to also develop creative and critical-thinking skills, experience the benefits of hard work and dedication, and learn to create positive working relationships in a collaborative environment.


Learn more at ocmusicdance.org.  Or give us a call (949) 386-8336. We offer both in-person and virtual lessons (through Zoom).

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